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LG Single Commercial Air Conditioners [SCAC]

LG commercial inverters provide significant energy savings, powerful cooling and true comfort
    Energy Efficiency
  • Scroll + Rotary Compressor: high efficiency, low noise, wide operating range [10-150Hz]
  • The BLDC [Brushless Direct Current Motor] Compressor uses strong neodymium magnet and improves efficiency compared to standard AC inverters
  • The compressor cleverly adjusts output according to its surroundings, bringing a number of benefits including world-class energy efficiency, improved comfort and sustained reliability


Gold Fin™ coating protects the surface of the heat exchanger from corrosion, extending the life of the unit


5 Years warranty on the Compressor | 2 Years on Parts and Labour | 1 Year on transport

Fast Cooling

LG Smart Inverter senses not only temperature but also pressure, making precise and quick cooling possible


Compared to constant speed with irregular temperature difference due to on | off operation, LG Smart Inverter maximizes user comfort with optimal operation adjusted to set temperature

4-Way Ceiling Mounted Cassette

  • Compact size
  • With Drain pump
  • Wide Jet Air Flow
  • Convenient Panel Installation
  • Quiet Operation with 3D Fan
  • Individual Vane Control
  • UT24WC
    [Rated 7kW Cooling | 7.6kW Heating]
  • UT36WC
    [Rated 10.5kW Cooling | 11.2kW heating]
  • UT48WC
    [Rated 14kW cooling | 15.3 kW heating]
  • UT60WC
    [Rated 15kW cooling | 16.9kW heating]

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Concealed Duct

  • Two Thermistor Control – The indoor temperature can be checked using the thermistors in the wired remote controller as well as from the indoor unit
  • E.S.P Control
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • UM36WCC
    [Rated 9.5kW Cooling | 11.2kW heating]
  • UM48WC
    [Rated 14.1kW cooling | 15.8 kW heating]
  • UM60WC
    [Rated 15.8kW cooling | 17kW heating]

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Suspended Ceiling

  • Elegant and sophiscated design
  • Powerful cooling and heating
  • One Touch & 2 piece Filter
  • Powerful air speed and volume can reach up to 15m
  • UV48WC
    [Rated 13.5kW cooling | 14 kW heating]
  • UV60WC
    [Rated 15.8kW cooling | 16.4kW heating]


LG Multi Split Inverter Air Conditioners

LG’s Multi Split system provided powerful, efficient cooling and heating with up to 3 indoor units operating from a single outdoor unit
Outdoor Unit MU5M30
Price Rs 64,995 VAT INC
Refrigerant R410a
Compressor Twin Rotary Inverter
Durability|Corrosion Resistance Gold Fin
Cooling Capacity Min|Nom|Max 1.3|8.8|10.6 kW
4,435|30,025|36,167 Btu | Hr
Heating Capacity Min|Nom|Max 1.5|10.1|12.1 kW
5,118|34,460|41,285 Btu | Hr
SEER 6.3
Power Input (Cooling) Min|Nom|Max 0.4|2.3|3.6 kW     240V | 50Hz
Running Current (Cooling) Min|Nom|Max 1.9|10.2|16.2 A
Sound Pressure 50 dBA
Dimension | Weight W950 x D330 x H834H mm | 61kg
Piping Connection Ø6.35 (1/4”) x 5
Ø9.52 (3/8”) x 5
Max. Piping Length Total 75m
Max. Piping Length per Branch 25m
Max Elevation Difference IDU-ODU – 15m
IDU-IDU – 7.5m
MJ09PC.NSJ [No Stock] MJ12PC.NSJ MJ18PC.NSK [No Stock] MJ24PC.NSK [No Stock]
Price Rs 13,995 VAT INC
Cooling Capacity 2.6kW | 8,871 Btu | Hr 3.5kW | 11,942 Btu | Hr 5.3kW | 18,083 Btu | Hr 7.0kW | 23,884 Btu | Hr
Heating Capacity 3.2kW | 10,918 Btu | Hr 4.0kW | 13,648 Btu | Hr 6.3kW | 21,495 Btu | Hr 7.5kW | 25,590 Btu | Hr
Power Input (Cooling)
11|18|30 W 11|19|30 W 26|39|60 W 27|45|60 W
Running Current (Cooling)
0.10|0.16|0.20 A 0.10|0.17|0.20 A 0.22|0.28|0.40 A 0.24|0.33|0.40 A
Dimension WxHxD | Weight 818x316x189mm | 8.2kg 818x316x189mm | 8.2kg 975x354x209mm | 10.9kg 975x354x209mm | 10.9kg
Air Flow Rate H|M|L 7.6|6.2|4.8 m³|min 8.0|6.6|5.5 m³|min 15.8|12.4|10 m³|min 16.9|12.8|10.4 m³|min
Sound Pressure Level H|M|L 36|32|27 dBA 38|34|29 dBA 44|38|34 dBA 46|41|36 dBA
Piping Connection Ø6.35 (1/4”) & Ø9.52 (3/8”) Ø6.35 (1/4”) & Ø9.52 (3/8”) Ø6.35 (1/4”) & Ø12.7 (1/2”) Ø6.35 (1/4”) & Ø12.7 (1/2”)
Drain O.D|I.D 21.5 | 16.0 mm 21.5 | 16.0 mm 21.5 | 16.0 mm 21.5 | 16.0 mm

    High Energy Efficiency
  • BLDC Inverter Twin Rotary Compressor
  • Enhanced Heat Exchanger
  • Smart Load Control
  • Peak Current Control

    Durability & Safety
  • Improved BLDC Inverter Twin Rotary Compressor
  • Smart Sensor
  • Cold Heat Exchanger

    Comfort and Convenience
  • Fast Cooling and Heating
  • Noise Silent Operation
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

LG VRF System

LG VRF solutions minimize efficiency losses, provide energy efficiency and sustainable energy benefits
It provides exceptional comfort and reliability together with cost effectiveness
It offers easier installation considered to be among the most versatile and powerful system air conditioners
    Innovative Technology for Ultimate Efficiency
  • MULTI V is LG’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system
  • It is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high rise buildings
  • It provides maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs and its Dual Sensing Control senses humidity & temperature

Auto Dust Removal

Fan rotates reversely to remove dust from heat exchanger

Dual Sensing Control

Senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation

    Flexible Installation with Large Capacity Outdoor Unit
  • A single outdoor unit can provide large capacity up to 26HP
  • This allows flexible use of floor space by minimizing installation area and significantly decreasing total installed weights

Oil Sensor

Oil Sensor monitors real-time oil level to prevent any serious damage while avoiding frequent oil return cycle

HiPOR™ Oil Return Mechanism

HiPOR™ (High Pressure Oil Return) injects the oil directly to the compressor after oil separator thus increasing efficiency and reliability in low load conditions

Strong Resistance Ocean Black Fin

The black coating with enhanced epoxy resin is applied for strong protection from various corrosive external conditions

Indoor Unit
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
    4-Way Cassette
  • New dual vane 4 way cassette allows comfortable air flow
  • High performance Air Cleaning
  • Purification kit can be an addon
  • Compact size for up to 21KBtu in size 570x570mm
    2-Way Cassette
  • Delivers a wider airflow by using two individual vanes
  • Can customize the airflow with fine angle control
    1-Way Cassette
  • Minimized height of only 132mm, ideal solution for limited space
  • Does not required inspection access hole, unlike concealed duct units
    Round Cassette

    Comfortable airflow with a premium rounded design for a luxurious indoor space

Ceiling Concealed Duct
  • Concealed cooling and heating solution
  • Provides optimal temperature control without affecting interior aesthetics
Ceiling Suspended/Convertable
  • Delivers a powerful cooling and heating performance
  • Provides a modern design that blends in perfectly with any type of space
Wall Mounted
  • Standard White Wall mounted
  • Auto-clean
    Artcool Mirror
  • Slim and luxurious design
  • Includes Ionizer
    Artcool Gallery
  • Available in 7, 9 and 12KBtu
  • Slim and fashionable design
  • Customized picture

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