LG Information Display Solutions

LG Digital Signage

Increases the power and reach of your brand
LG Standard Displays
•  Smart Signage for any business
Optimized for different markets to meet diverse customer needs, no matter the industry you are in
Superb Image Quality, webOS™, and AV Control Systems compatibility

•  Easy Content Management
Embedded CMS (Content Management System) allows users to edit and play content, and create playlists, all without a separate PC. It's a one-stop solution that lets users manage signage simply, and effectively

•  Seamless Content Playback
During playback of diverse content such as videos, images, and HTML, enjoy seamless transition between screens with no black screen gaps with webOS

•  Multiple Screen Composition
PBP (Picture-By-Picture) and PIP (Picture-In-Picture) enables up to two divided split screens in landscape or portrait display format enabling users to more flexibly allocate space for each content source

LG OLED Signage
•  Transparent OLED
Allows your business to enhance & draw attention to products with stunning visuals
Customizable & expandable
  • It can stand alone or you can create a transparent wall. It can be hung, put in a stand or mounted
Seamlessly and naturally blends into it surroundings thanks to its high transparency
  • These see-through digital displays turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces

LG Video Wall

Allows you to have advertisements and broadcast video in sync with your target needs, with enhanced quality and performance

•  Seamless Large Screens with Extreme-Narrow Bezel
Borderless design, with 0.9 mm even bezel and 1.8 mm BtB (Bezel to Bezel), verified by Nemko
Minimizes bezel interference and delivers immersive and seamless content on assembled video wall screens
Create visually stunning video walls that are easily installed, maintained and managed

•  Image Gap Reduction
The VM5E series includes an image improvement algorithm that can reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing back videos
Objects located on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience

•  High Performance and Great Scalability
Thanks to its built-in SoC and webOS smart signage platform, the VM5E series can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player

LG Interactive Digital Board

Perfect solution for effective meetings, with advanced touch technology and high-performance system-on-chip

•  In-Cell Touch Technology
Provides advantages in writing performance, visibility, and design because the LCD panel and protective glass are directly bonded with no air gaps
Delivers a high-quality user experience and boosts your efficiency with its slim design and outstanding writing performance

•  Active Pen
Write in a more natural and detailed way
The Active Pen is pressure sensitive, so strokes can be thick or thin, and the user's handwriting can be perfectly reproduced on the screen

•  Data Mirroring Technology
Enables two-way writing and sharing in real time to remotely share annotations and facilitate collaboration in meetings in any space, anytime and anywhere

•  Screen Sharing & File Sharing
Provides the content-sharing function with laptops or various mobile devices, enabling more efficient and immersive meetings
Using the IDB DUO App, files can be directly shared between the Interactive Digital Board and the client devices, so you can carry out smarter meetings

LG Hotel TV

Provides solutions that allows you to differentiate and better manage your hotel by tailoring to your guests needs
•  Hospitality solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance guest experience
Improved hotel experience through a TV with fast reboot time
Create custom dashboards and offer informative resources to make guests' stay more welcoming

•  Pro:Centric SMART Displays
IP-based programs provide premium hotel services without the need for set-top boxes

•  Experience LG NanoCell™ Hospitality TVs
Guests will enjoy crisp images and stunning colours
Wide viewing angle in a slim design

•  Pro:Centric Hotel Management Solution
Optimized for customizing hospitality services for hotel brands and guests through an IP & RF infrastructure
High picture quality, sophisticated design and advanced connectivity functions

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