LG  CordZero™

HOM-BOT Vacuum Cleaner with Mop [Made in Korea]

Model VR66900TWVV

  • 58W
  • Smart Inverter Motor™
  • Battery up to 100min
  • Dual Eye™ Navigation [Upper & Lower Camera]
  • Self Learning
  • Digital Bumper & Corner Detection
  • Simultaneous Vacuuming & Mopping
  • Anti-hair Tangle Brush
  • Smart Auto Charging
  • 0.6L Dust Bin Capacity
Main W34 X D34 X H9cm
Motor 10 Years Parts & Labour 2 Years
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On Display at Bagatelle Mall | Coeur de Ville Flacq | Grand Baie La Croisette | Roche Bois | Rivière Noire Ruisseau Créole

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Strong & Powerful Cleaning & Longer Durability

Hom-Bot Turbo+ is strong & powerful robotic vacuum cleaner employing Smart Inverter Motor™ to guarantee maximum performance with high efficiency and durability in a compact size. It's no wonder that LG felt confident enough to offer a 10-year warranty on the motor.

Strong Suction & Dual Eye™ Navigation

Dual Cameras for Enhanced Detection

The upper and lower cameras automatically scan the ceiling and floor, and detect the surrounding environment, accurately position and clean every corner.

Self Learning

With its Learning Function, HOM-BOT SQUARE memorizes the location of the obstacles and cliffs of your room minimizing bumping.

Simultaneous Vacuuming & Mopping

Let HOM-BOT do two separate types of cleaning at once. HOM-BOT picks up dusts with two side brushes and finishes the cleaning by mopping using water from the internal water supply system.

Sweep and Mop, All at Once

Not only does it pick up the dust, but it can also activate the mopping function at the same time and achieve double effectiveness.

New Anti-hair Tangle Brush

No more worrying about hair entanglement. With the anti-hair tangle brush, you no longer have to worry about hair clogs. Besides, the two side brushes will take care of the corners for you.

No More Worrying About Hair Entanglement

Easy-to-Clean Anti-hair Tangle Brush Effectively reduces hair stuck between the bristles and the brush head. No more hassle of removing the hair or pet hair after cleaning. The brush head can be easily cleaned and maintained.

*Tested by a third-party testing agency Intertek, the hair entanglement rate is less than 5 in Turbo mode.
*Actual result may vary depending on usage environment.

Square Design & Side Brush enhance corner cleaning

2 extended side brushes can sweep the dust in the corners and clean the corners more thoroughly.

Easy-out Dust Bin

HOM-BOT SQUARE's easy-access top dust bin is much simpler to use than sliding dust bins on conventional robot vacuums. The configuration minimizes residual dust around the dust bin slot and prevents flying dust during emptying. HOM-BOT SQUARE's bigger capacity (0.6L) also means greater dust intake and less work cleaning out the dust bin.

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